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Hello beautiful bloggers,

You are here, It means you are looking for Free Responsive SEO Friendly blogger template. Well in this article I will help you to determine the best responsive SEO Friendly Blogger Templates.

We all know that a beautifully designed blog attracts the reader to revisit our blog. A Responsive SEO Friendly template plays a vital role in gaining organic traffic to AdSense approval of our blog. So it is recommended to use an Responsive SEO Ready Blogger Theme.
So without any further delay, let’s get started.

What is SEO Friendly Blogger Template?

To gain organic Traffic and Adsense approval the theme of our blog must be Search Engine optimized. A well-optimized blog theme helps the search engine to understand our blog and its contents. So we should be careful during choosing a template for our blog. Here are some points to be considered before choosing the best SEO Friendly Blogger Template.

  • Mobile Friendliness: In 2020 80% plus user browses from mobile devices. So the blog should be mobile friendly.
  • SEO Optimized: The theme should have a clean code. So choose a blot free theme. Which will help you to boost your ranking
  • Adsense Friendly; The template should be Adsense friendly. It should have a prominent space to show the advertisement. So always look for an Advertisement optimized template
  • Speed Optimized; Speed matters a lot. Speed is an important factor for ranking. So the template must be page optimized and pages should render in very least time
  • Easy And Attractive Navigation; The should provide an optimal user experience. So always go for the template which has an easy and attractive navigation template.
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility; Not all browser supports every template. So check the template is browser-compatible using a popular browser like chrome, Mozilla, etc.
  • Social Sharing option: Social sharing option helps the reader to share the post easily. So this option will help us to reach more viewers. So always go with the template which has a social sharing option. Also, keep in mind that the social sharing option should not interfere with the loading speed.

After a lot of research and taking all the above points into consideration, I have listed
10+ Best Seo Friendly Blogger templates for you. So go ahead and try the one which suits you the best.

Fast Loading Blogger templates 2020

Page Speed is an important factor in ranking. Google always loves fast loading blogs. So Fast Loading Blogger templates will improve your ranking. So here i am listing Top 5 Super Fast loading blogger template which will skyrocket your traffic and overall ranking. I am listing these blogger themes using google page speed insight score on descending manner.

01. Digizena Responsive Blogger Template

SEO Friendly Blogger templates

Digizena Responsive Blogger template is the fastest blogger template ever. It a Clean Modern SEO Friendly template which will boost your organic traffic. It loading in just 1 seconds.The google page speed insight score of Digizena is awesome,It has google page speed insight score(GPSI) for mobile is 91 and for desktop it is 99.

Page Speed 1.15 Sec

Features Of Digizena

  • Clean Code
  • Mobile Friendly
  • AdSense Friendly
  • Modern Grid Style Design
  • Beautiful Social Sharing Icon
  • Attractive Recent post section which will help you to reduce your bounce rate.
  • Suitable for all types of Blog

02.Simple Grid SEO Friendly responsive Blogger Template

Simple Grid Blogger Template is minimalistic super fast loading Blogger template. It has beautiful grid view style. If you are more focused about content and want to show your content in beautiful grid view then this template is best for you.

It has GPSI Score of 90 for Mobile which is pretty fast. For desktop it is 95. It has well documentation which will help you to customize your blog easily.

Page Speed 1.37 Sec

Features of Simple Grid

  • Minimalistic Feature Rich User Interface
  • Full View blog with no side bar
  • Beautiful Breadcrumb
  • Beautiful Social Sharing option
  • AdSense Friendly

03.Smooth Grid

Its another high speed grid style blogger template. It is one of the modern style blogger templates with beautiful grid view, Newsletter box and attractive navigation bar. if your are looking for a food blog or fashion then it is the best template for will give you a stunning look to your blog.

Its pretty fast and have GPSI Score of 86 and 96 for mobile and desktop respectively.

Page Speed 1.37 Sec

04. Hiero Blogger Template

Hiero is a minimalistic AdSense friendly blogger templates from elegant theme developers. It is blazing fast which will help you to sky rocket your blog. A fast loading blogs helps for higher ranking in SERP as well as reduces the bounce rate. If you cares about the speed then this is the best blogger theme for you.

Page Speed 570 Mili Second

05.Simplify AdSense Friendly Blogger template

Simplify is a modern style AdSense friendly blogger template. It has dedicated space to add AdSense code effectively. This template will boost your earning.

Page Speed 1.37 Sec

06.Takis Mobile Friendly Blogger Template

Takis is another high speed blogger template. Its blazing fast and loads in just 371 Millisecond. It is an AdSense ready blogger theme with many dedicated space for adsense code.

Features of Takis Blogger Theme

  • Clean coded
  • fast loading template
  • modern style navigation
  • Beautiful news letter option
  • Dedicated space for AdSense ad placement

Page Speed 371 Milli Sec


Optima the best responsive blogger theme designed to provide optimal performance. It is a modern style responsive and Adsense ready blogger template. It is suitable for tech and life style blogger.

Features of Optima Blogger Theme

  • Modern attractive template suitable for all types of blog
  • Beautiful social sharing button
  • Modern style news letter
  • beautiful navigation system
  • fast loading template

Page Speed 650 Milli Sec

08. G Vusion 2 Responsive Blogger Template

It the most light weight AdSense friendly blogger theme. It is just 645KB which will help to reduce your server response time. It is modern style, AdSense ready template with beautiful navigation and social sharing option. It is suitable for all types of blog.

Page Speed 2.27 Sec


Healthy is a Grid Style responsive blogger template. It is minimalistic loads in just 826 milliseconds. If you are a food, fashion and travel blogger then this is the best theme for you. It has the following features which will help you to attract your visitors.

Features of Healthy Blogger Templates

  • Attractive Grid Style design
  • Modern Social Sharing buttons
  • Modern navigation menu
  • cleanly coded
  • blazing fast
  • It has dedicated location for AdSense ads

Page Speed 826 Milli Sec

10.Faster Adsense Friendly Blogger Template

Faster AdSense Friendly blogger template loads very fast in milliseconds. Fast loading templates will help you to rank better. It’s a modern blog-style template. It will be suitable for all types of blog.

Page Speed 847 milli Sec

Some FAQ About Free Responsive SEO Friendly Blogger Template

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